IFI 715 - Buoyant Smoke and Light Signal
IFF 215 - Buoyant Smoke only Signal

It is used for dayligt (IFF-215 - Generates 15 minutes of orange smoke) or day/night (IFI-715 - Smoke and light) for distress situations at sea.

Also called "Manoverboard", the name indicates its use. Attached to a life buoy, it is thrown to water to rescue someone who have fallen in water. Excells at shipwreck situations, were long lasting signals are required. Its light system only works when ilumination is required and when is above water level (if a big wave cover it for some seconds, it shoots down, to work again when surface) to favour economy.

Emission Time: 15 minutes
Light Batery: 2 hours without interruption. It have a sensor that indicates light necessity for economic performance.
Plastic made with a steel suport. Orange smoke signalizing charge.
Brazilian Navy Certified
ONU 1.4
Diameter: 250 mm Lenght: 434 mm Weight: 6 kg
Read the instructions manual for details. It have a complex application.