Miniflare kit with 9 flares IKS-109

Short range distress signal, it shoots a flare signal up to 80 meters (240 ft) height. Specially designed for pilots who need a compact distress signal kit.

Available in two versions: IKS-109 CL (With 3 red flares, 3 green flares e 3 white flares) and IKS-109 VM (9 red flares).

Minimum Height : 80 meters (240 ft)
Burning Time : 6 secs
Luminousity: 15.000 cd, but the green flare with 10.000 cd
Plastic container with 9 aluminum capsules and ejecting stick.
NSN 1370-99-346-8905
Brazilian Navy Certified
ONU 1.4
Stick: diameter - 13,8 mm lenght- 111,0 mm weight - 50,0 g
Capsule: diameter - 15,8 mm lenght - 35,5 mm weight- 7,0 g
Remove ejector stick, place a capsule on it and pull and release the discharger. Immediate functioning.